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What We Value

We built our brand one handshake at a time. Since 1959, accountability has been our most cherished asset, second only to our love for the industry. It’s not just dirt to us. Our dedication to precision requires we stay on the forefront of technology. Our client’s vision has been and will continue to be uniquely brought to life through in-depth site grading and finishes.

Urban N. Zink recognizes loyalty and treats employees as valued team members. Tenure for much of our staff spans decades and includes experts in all areas of the sitework. Innovative leadership with efficient, effective, and experienced employees contributes to UNZ’s stability and sustained growth. When the unforeseen arises, and decisions become difficult, you can count on honest conversations, allowing you to make the most informed decision.


We mean business, and, to us, good business means ensuring your project is constructed and delivered as designed.


Integrity starts from the top. Our leaders set the standard for excellence and we employ top-quality operators and veteran superintendents who follow their lead.


We are extremely proud to have forged long-lasting relationships with our employees, project owners, subcontractors, and vendor partners.

I can’t say enough good about this company. If you’re loyal to the company, the Owners are loyal to you. We keep good equipment with updated technology and always have work on the books. I never worry we are going to run out of work. This is a long-term company with manageable hours that allow a man to raise a family and accomplish personal goals.

Harold Sheehan
Site Superintendent
34 years at Urban Zink

This company has always treated me good…from day one. They’ve treated me like family. From the first day, Mr. Zink took care of everything for me- health insurance, good pay, company truck. This company treats you as an individual, not a number. This is a high-output company; our work is tough, our jobs are demanding and detailed. We’ve always kept good equipment, and it’s gotten better over the years. Everything is modernized and top-notch. We do professional work, and I have everything I need to be successful at my work. I can’t say enough good about UNZ!

Mike Arnold
General Superintendent
20 years at Urban Zink

I began here ten years ago, and I came in from the labor pool. After a short time, I was hired on as a Zink employee, and worked hard to make my way up through the company to Site Superintendent. We have an upbeat family atmosphere and utilize up to date equipment. I love that every day is a new day and that our work is constantly varied. We have a broad spectrum of capabilities at UNZ, and it’s nice to have a hand in building a future for kids, by way of the schools we construct.

Travis Mackin
Site Superintendent
10 years at Urban Zink

I enjoy the work I do here, and I’m proud of the product we put out. The consistent work gives me peace of mind as I raise my family. I look forward to growing with this company.

Dave Faimanifo
General Laborer
1 year at Urban Zink

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Urban N. Zink Contractor, Inc. has established positive working relationships with numerous subcontractors but is always looking for additional qualified contractors to add to our list for bidding opportunities.

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