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Crofton Park Stream Restoration

Stream Restoration

Anne Arundel County Public Schools

Crofton, MD

This project provided functional value to a stream classified in poor-fair condition, per a stream assessment from 2017. Improvement to vertical and lateral stability of the stream was achieved through stabilizing the culvert outfall, installing a step pool system, bank stabilization, and installing in-stream structures. The restoration increased bedform diversity and provided some reconnection to the floodplain. Additionally, native species planting provided biodiversity to an area void of the same.

~550 LF of Mitigation and ~5,000 SF of Wetland Improvement

  • Culvert Outfall Stabilization
  • Selective Clearing and Demolition
  • Invasive Species Removal
  • Stream Restoration
  • Step Pool System
  • In-Stream Structures
  • Wetland Seeding
  • Native Species Planting
  • Pedestrian Bridge Improvements
  • Fencing