About Us

Urban N. Zink Contractor, Inc. was established in 1952 as an excavating contractor by Urban Zink.  Urban Zink continued to be President until his retirement in August of 1990.  Urban N. Zink Contractor, Inc. then operated under the sole leadership of Ronald Zink until appointing his son, Adam Zink, to Vice President in February of 2005.

Urban N. Zink Contractor, Inc. operated as a quality excavating and grading contractor for many years before expanding their services to become a site development general contractor.  Becoming a site development general contractor has given Urban N. Zink Contractor, Inc. the pleasure of serving clients in counties throughout Maryland.

Since its start 57 years ago, this family owned business has been dedicated to complete quality work.  Incorporating the latest technology has become essential in its day to day operation.  Utilizing their Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) system has made them even more efficient in completing their projects.

Urban N. Zink Contractor, Inc. thrives on its positive and professional relationship with its clients, subcontractors, and employees.  Their staff is experienced and professionally trained to help serve its clients.  They are dedicated to help you find the most cost effective and efficient means to get you the highest quality of work and to have it completed on time.